Why Tamar Hope Designs?


First of all, because it's my name. . . But it's so much more. "HOPE" is for my Grandma Hope who passed away this last spring. She was an avid sewist and a source of inspiration for me. She also gave me my first sewing machine which I am still using to this day. I remember her fondly every time I look at my business name.


"HOPE" is also for the Hope which Christ brings. In 2005, I went on a mission trip to India and was forever changed. A little part of my heart is still in India. And I am passionate about spreading the Hope of sins forgiven with people everywhere! Therefore, 10% of every sale I make will go directly to overseas missions to help the orphans, schools, and pastors in foreign fields. Check out project Kinship to see where these donations go.  https://lutheranmissions.org/kinship/