Free Sewing Lesson 5 - Sewing with Swim Knit

Published on 28 May 2024 at 10:12

Are you ready for swim season!?  I know I cringe at the thought of trying to find modest swimsuits for my girls.  This is why several years ago, I learned how to make swimming suits for my girls.  I haven't purchased a swimwear in years.  My girls are covered.  And I don't have to use a gallon of sunscreen every time we go to the beach.  

I would love to teach you how to make swimsuits for yourself and/or your kids!  It's actually not as hard as it might seem!  Swim knit is just knit fabric.  So, if you followed along with last month's sewing lesson, you won't have any trouble with this lesson.  The only difference between knit fabric and swim knit is the slippery factor.  And with a few tools, you can easily navigate swim fabric.  


Your biggest help is going to be wash away wonder tape. This will keep any tricky to sew seam firmly in place until you sew them.

Quilting clips are also helpful in keeping those seams together without poking holes in your fabric.  

Stretch thread can help your seams stretch without popping.  It's not totally necessary, but may keep your suits together longer.

A walking foot is helpful for hems and double needle topstitching, and a teflon zipper foot is helpful for topstitching a zipper.  These links are for the low shank feet that I use.  Check your manual to make sure that your machine takes low shank feet.

And finally ball point or stretch needles and twin needles are a must.  The ball point needle will go between the fibers of the fabric instead of piercing through the fabric.  This will protect your fabric.  The twin needle makes a very professional looking and strong and stretchy hem or topstitch.


You also need a good pattern.  I have a promo code for you to help you get started!  It will take 20% off the long sleeve suit and the boardshorts from Sunflower Seams patterns.  Use code SWIM20 at checkout!

I have also sewn the rash guard and swim shorts from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop and love them!  They are also staples in our house.  The women's suit and rash guard is also excellent.


I have found that the best place to get swim and boardshorts fabric is  They have the best prices anywhere, great selection, and quality fabric.  I've tried using dancewear from my local fabric store and it just does not hold up.  When you put your time into a suit, you want it to last!  While you're at, grab some swim elastic and swim lining as well.  They are hard to find locally and make such a difference in the durability of the suit. 


Once you have your supplies gathered, jump over to my post on the Sunflower Seams blog for all the cutting and sewing tips and tricks!  After you make your suit, post a picture of it during the month of July in my Facebook Group, The Sewing Hub group, The Sunflower Seams Group or on Instagram with #learnwithtamarhope and #learnwithsunflowerseams for a chance to win a free pattern of choice!

Happy Swim Season!!!

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